New eye dominance correction kit

Evolution Strike EDK Eye Dominance KitTarget sports including clay shooting is undertaken with a dominant eye but this is not always the same as the dominant hand. Quite often a right-handed shooter is left eye dominant (and vice versa). This means that with both eyes open the shooter may see two barrels, two targets or will be looking down the left side of the barrel (the opposite applying for the left handed shooter that is right eye dominant). It’s such a common problem for clay shooting enthusiasts that there are all sorts of correction aids on the market ranging from dots/patches (to stick on eyewear lenses), fibre optic beads, barrel mounted devices and so on. Now we have entered the fray with our brand new Strike EDK (Eye Dominance Kit) that’s specifically designed to help overcome eye dominance problems. It does this by having a Category 4 very dark lens in front of the dominant eye (the “off eye”). This dark lens has a 4.4% VLT (visible light transmittance), which means it only lets in 4.4 % of visible light, blocking 95% of light reaching the eye. The other lens in front of the non-dominant eye can be either clear or yellow (interchangeable lenses). It means the shooter can keep both eyes open and there will still be vision through the dark lens but the non-dominant eye, looking through the clear or yellow lens, should take over.

The Strike frame is made from lightweight but super strong TR90, has adjustable nose pads and non-slip arms. All lenses are made from optical grade polycarbonate with full impact protection and they are all UV400 rated.

The Kit comes with the dark grey Category 4 lens and optional clear and yellow lenses plus a soft carry pouch, cleaning cloth & hard case. A pair of Category 4 dark grey lenses is provided in the kit so that the user has the option of also wearing a pair of dark tinted sunglasses (useful when shooting directly into the sun). Kits are available for both left eye and right eye dominant shooters. Our new Strike EDK is just £29.95 including free UK delivery.