Another Category 4 sunglass released

Evolution Strike - Category 4 sunglassesWe’ve just introduced this Strike model with category 4 lenses. In total we now have 5 sunglasses with these dark lenses. Category 4 lenses let in less than 8% of light – in the case of the new Strike model it’s 4.4% so the lens blocks just over 95% of visible light reaching the eye.

Category 4 lenses are ideally suited to mountain climbing and high altitude skiing and hiking where intense sun glare can be experienced. They can also be used for desert trekking – again where there is intense sun. Such lenses will also help anyone that suffers from sensitivity to light especially strong sun – a fairly common condition known as photophobia.

One important factor to bear in mind with category 4 lenses is that they should not be used for driving as they are too dark and potentially dangerous for driving. That’s why the frame or lens should be clearly marked that the model is category 4.

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