NEW! Eye Dominance Correction Foils

I-Spot Barrel ImageTo shoot effectively, the master eye must be the dominant eye over the barrel rib – this means with both eyes open only a single image of the gun barrel is visible when focused on the target. The master eye must be the same as the dominant eye for the shot to go in the direction the shooter is pointing. However, it is a common issue for the dominant eye to be different from the master eye – typically, a right-handed shooter is left eye dominant (and vice versa). In this case the master eye is non-dominant and the stronger, dominant eye (the “off eye”) takes over, interfering with vision and resulting in a ghost image of the barrel being visible. Our new i-Spot Eye Dominance Correction foils were developed following extensive research by a senior Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) coach. It’s now a simple an proven way to:
– ensure the master eye is the dominant eye
– prevent a stronger “off eye” interfering with vision
– eliminate a second image of the barrel

When used correctly the i-Spot foils will ensure the master eye (over the rib) remains dominant and only a single image of the gun barrel is visible to the shooter, preventing the “off eye” trying to influence the shot. It means the shooter will be able to shoot with both eyes open.

We will market i-Spot in the UK & Internationally, launching with two packs; a Standard Pack and an Advanced Pack. Each contains five i-Spot foils of varying strengths. They attach to any shooting eyewear and are easily detached and re-attached. The Advanced Pack has smaller size foils and it is recommended to first use the larger foils of the Standard Pack for a period of time, before progressing onto using the smaller size foils of the Advanced Pack.

Each pack has a RRP of £9.95. View i-Spot Standard Pack and i-Spot Advanced Pack.