In this section we feature a range of cords, retainers, cases, cleaning solutions and specialist anti-fog remedies including our own-label pocket anti-fog spray.



Connect - Additional Frame Arms

Spare / additional arms to fit the Connect model

Cord Grip 3

Adjustable - Available in 4 colours

Evolution Eyewear Case

Evolution branded black hard case - Large capacity

Evolution Lens & Screen Cleaning Spray

Highly effective cleaning solution for all types of lenses & portable device screens

Floating Cord

Floats in sea & freshwater - Available in 3 colours

Matrix - Additional Frame Arms

Additional frame arms for the matrix model.

Pocket Lens Cleaning Kit 1

Carry with you pocket-sized lens & screen cleaning kit

Pocket Lens Cleaning Kit 2

Carry with you pocket-sized lens & screen cleaning kit with micro screwdriver

The Gripper (Retainer)

Eyewear retainer available in 4 colours

Super Size Lens & Screen Cleaning Size

"Opticians" size 30cm x 40cm (approx) microfibre cleaning cloth