i-Spot Eye Dominance Correction Foils (Instructor Pack)

This i-Spot multi pack is aimed at shooting coaches/instructors

Developed by the UK’s leading eye dominance expert

– Easy way to ensure the master eye is the dominant eye
– Prevents a stronger “off eye” interfering with vision
– Eliminates a second image of the barrel
– Contains a total of 50 foils: 5 of each strength (1 – 5) of the 16mm size foils and 5 of each of strength (1 – 5) of the smaller 12mm foils
– Includes unique measuring device to determine which strength of foil to use
– Foils attach to any shooting eyewear – foils are easily detached and re-attached
– Enables the shooter to keep both eyes open

Using the foils
The stronger the foil, the more correction is applied. 5 different strengths are included in the pack in 2 different sizes (12mm & 16mm). The pack includes a clever device to determine which is the best strength of foil to use. Peel off the numbered paper disc and attach the foil to the rear of the eyewear lens in front of the off eye. You will need to move it around to find the correct position. The foils are easily detached and re-attached. In the correct position, with both eyes open there will be no second ghost image of the barrel.

It is recommended that for most shooters the larger 16mm foil is first used, progressing  on to use the smaller (12mm) foils after time.

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