i-Spot Eye Dominance Correction Foils (Standard Pack)

Developed by the UK’s leading eye dominance expert
• Easy way to ensure your master eye is the dominant eye
• Prevents a stronger “off eye” interfering with vision
• Eliminates a second image of the barrel
• Contains 5 x 16mm i-Spot foils of 5 varying strengths
• Attach to any shooting eyewear – foils are easily detached and re-attached
• Shoot with both eyes open

It is not unusual for a clay shooter to see double images of the barrel when looking at the target. If the dominant eye is not the Master Eye, (the one that should be looking down the rib) it is known as the Off Eye. In this case the head may tilt over the gun or the gun will move across the face to compensate. To shoot effectively, the Master Eye over the rib must be dominant. I-Spot foils will ensure the eye over the rib remains dominant and will remove any second image of the barrel. Different shooters require different amounts of correction. I-Spot has been developed to provide you with the right amount of correction for your specific needs.

This Standard Pack consists of 5 x 16mm i-Spot foils of 5 varying strengths, marked from 1 (weakest) to 5 (strongest). The stronger the foil, the more correction is applied.

Applying the foil
You can experiment with the different strengths of foils. Peel off (& discard) the numbered paper disc and attach the foil to the rear of the eyewear lens in front of the off eye. You will need to move it around for the correct position. The foils are easily detached and re-attached. To check if it is in the right position, close the master eye and ensure the patch is obscuring the bead at the end of barrel as shown in the main image. In the correct position, with both eyes open there will be no second ghost image of the barrel.

The foils will take a little time to get used to, especially if you have been used to closing the dominant eye. After time you may want to progress to the i-Spot Advanced Pack which has smaller (12mm) foils.

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