Magnex RX Prescription Multi Lens Set

Unisex style

Evolution Magnex multi lens sets are available with a prescription optical insert purpose designed to fit this model. The metal insert fits behind the frame and is larger than most optical inserts; combined with the metal frame of the insert it means the insert isn’t visible in peripheral vision. Any competent optician can fit prescription lenses to this metal optical insert but please note only thinner (sometimes called ‘High Index’) prescription lenses will fit it. We also provide a prescription service – please enquire.

Features of the Magnex multi lens model: Black & Red temples – Lenses attach with non-visible magnets – instant lens changing (5 seconds) – Class 1 optical grade, UV400 rated lenses – Large, full-wrap lens for complete eye protection – Lightweight but super strong TR90 nylon frame with temples that flex for comfort – Fully adjustable nose piece can raise the frame higher (by 7mm) – Bhive PC lens material made with a macro-molecular structure providing enhanced clarity, improved impact protection and high chemical resistance (compared to standard polycarbonate lenses) – High velocity impact protection exceeds the requirements of EN166F & ANZI Z87.1 – Advanced, multi-feature lens coating:
– Oleophobic+Hydrophobic (repels rain, spray, water spots, grease, smudging and fingerprints)
– Easy lens cleaning (no-friction surface)
– Scratch resistance

Supplied with cleaning cloth, soft carry pouch and hard case

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Qualified coach, Wales & Great Britain Olympic Trap team member and multiple international trap shooting competition winner Georgina Roberts said, “I’m really impressed with Evolution’s Magnex shooting eyewear, changing lenses is quick and so easy! The variety of colours in the set is great as there’s something for all target colour and weather conditions. The height adjustment feature means that you can easily find the best setting for you, making them very comfortable to wear. Highly recommended.”

Choose your kitSelect the Magnex RX Optical insert and the Magnex Multi Lens Set of your choice

Magnex 3, 4 or 5 lens sets available:

Magnex 3 lens set – supplied with Brown, Orange & Yellow lenses

Magnex 4 lens set – supplied with Brown, Orange, Purple & Yellow lenses

Magnex 5 lens set – supplied with Brown, Orange, Purple, Rose & Yellow lenses

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