Stay safe from harmful UVR

Sunburn - uv protection sunglassesLots of reports in the UK media about people, including children, getting sunburned – underestimating the power of summer and especially midday sun, when the risk of risk of sun burn is ever present. It really is essential to have sunscreen on and wear sunglasses when you’re out and about.

One in five people will get skin cancer in their life time and that includes cancer of the eyelids. It is estimated that 90% of the new cases of skin cancer each year are preventable if people just took sensible safety measures. According to the charity Cancer Research UK, apart from the immediate pain, a sun burn can double your risk of skin cancer. Those with lighter skins and children are more at risk.

So, here are our top tips to avoid highly damaging UVR:

– Wear sunscreen even on cloudy days. Sunscreen protects the skin from burning – select a sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 30 and 50 for children and those with lighter skins.

– Always use UV400 rated sunglasses, not just to protect you from damage to your eyes; the eyelid skin is very thin and this puts it at high risk of UV damage. All Evolution sunglasses & eyewear are UV400 rated.



Come and see us at The Game Fair

Game-Fair-2021-700Due to the pandemic we last did an exhibition in September 2019. This year only one of the usual events we do is taking place but as it happens it’s the biggest and best! We’re delighted that the 2021 Game Fair is going ahead. If you’ve not been to one before it’s a fantastic celebration of the countryside and a ‘must attend’ event for everyone that loves fields sports. It’s taking place at the wonderful Ragley Hall near Alcester, B49 5NJ (and close to Stratford Upon Avon) over the weekend of Friday 23 – Sunday 25 July (3 days). 120,000 visitors are expected and around 850 exhibitors will be there; including us! Look for the stand of our sister company, Sunglasses For Sport (stand no. K728) near to The Gunmakers’ Pub. We’ll have a full range of Evolution shooting eyewear on the stand, along with a large selection of Evolution polarised sunglasses – all at special show prices!

And more new models!

Hot on the heels of our new Pace model comes two more brand new models.

Evolution Latitude is unisex sports style polarised sunglass available in Black or Tortoise. The full wrap fit keeps out wind and glare and the frame is made from lightweight but super strong grimalid TR90. It has non slip nose pads and slim profile temples. The glare blocking lenses are UV400 rated.

New Evolution Polarised Sunglasses - Latitude

Evolution Lugano is a fab looking leisure style sunglass with round frame & keyhole bridge detail. The dark tortoise TR90 frame is lightweight but super strong. It has brown polarised lenses that are UV400 rated.

New Evolution Polarised sunglasses - Lugano Tortoise

Both models come with a cleaning cloth, soft pouch and hard case for just £19.95 – terrific value.


Setting the Pace – brand new cycling sunglasses

Evolution Pace cycling sunglasses - montageJust launched – the brand new Pace, with features you would expect on cycling sunglasses costing at least twice the price. Available with either a black or white frame, both having a Smoke lens with Blue mirror finish. The frame is made from lightweight but super strong TR90 and features non-slip, adjustable nose pads. The Class 1 optical quality lenses have Hydrophobic (water) & Oleophobic (oil) lens coatings that repel water, dust, oil, fingerprints smudges and dirt. Additionally, the lens has an anti-scratch coating. The 10 base curve frame provides a complete wrap to keep out wind & glare whilst the slim profile, straight temples are ideal for wearing with a cap or helmet. The impact resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses are also UV400 rated. Supplied with cleaning cloth, soft carry pouch & hard case all for just £19.95 including free delivery within the UK.

Shop Evolution Pace (Black) or Evolution Pace (White)

Flight 4 (4 Lens) Set – Special Offer!

Evolution Flight 4 Grey Set offerWe have just reduced the price of our Evolution Flight 4 (4 Lens Interchangeable Set). It can be used for a variety of sports including shooting & cycling. The Class 1 optical quality lenses are made from shatterproof, impact resistant polycarbonate. The full wrap fit keeps out wind & glare. The 4 interchangeable lenses are Grey (optional blue mirror), Yellow, Rose & Orange. All 4 are are UV400 rated. The normal retail is £39.95 but it’s on offer now at just £24.95: £15 off! And it gets better! If you use voucher code CORD at check out we’ll include our Evolution adjustable frame cord worth £1.45 completely free! See Flight 4 Lens Set.

Just in! Brand new safety eyewear range

Evolution Safety Eyewear - newWe are delighted to announce the launch of our new safety eyewear range. Manufactured especially for us, there are two models:

  • Evolution Guard safety spectacle
  • Evolution Cover, a dual purpose safety spectacle / over glass (will fit over prescription glasses)

They are available in 3 colours: Grey, Yellow & Clear. Both models comply with BS EN166:2001, ANSI Z87.1, EN170:2002 & EN172:1994. They have been independently tested & certified by SATRA Technology Europe Ltd (European Notified Body number: 2777). All lenses are Class 1 optical quality and UV400 rated. Amongst the many other features is an anti-fog coating to both sides of the lenses. This is ‘high spec’ safety eyewear but at very competitive prices. See them on our Safety Eyewear page.

Another Category 4 sunglass released

Evolution Strike - Category 4 sunglassesWe’ve just introduced this Strike model with category 4 lenses. In total we now have 5 sunglasses with these dark lenses. Category 4 lenses let in less than 8% of light – in the case of the new Strike model it’s 4.4% so the lens blocks just over 95% of visible light reaching the eye.

Category 4 lenses are ideally suited to mountain climbing and high altitude skiing and hiking where intense sun glare can be experienced. They can also be used for desert trekking – again where there is intense sun. Such lenses will also help anyone that suffers from sensitivity to light especially strong sun – a fairly common condition known as photophobia.

One important factor to bear in mind with category 4 lenses is that they should not be used for driving as they are too dark and potentially dangerous for driving. That’s why the frame or lens should be clearly marked that the model is category 4.

See this new model and our other Category 4 & Ski Eyewear

New eye dominance correction kit

Evolution Strike EDK Eye Dominance KitTarget sports including clay shooting is undertaken with a dominant eye but this is not always the same as the dominant hand. Quite often a right-handed shooter is left eye dominant (and vice versa). This means that with both eyes open the shooter may see two barrels, two targets or will be looking down the left side of the barrel (the opposite applying for the left handed shooter that is right eye dominant). It’s such a common problem for clay shooting enthusiasts that there are all sorts of correction aids on the market ranging from dots/patches (to stick on eyewear lenses), fibre optic beads, barrel mounted devices and so on. Now we have entered the fray with our brand new Strike EDK (Eye Dominance Kit) that’s specifically designed to help overcome eye dominance problems. It does this by having a Category 4 very dark lens in front of the dominant eye (the “off eye”). This dark lens has a 4.4% VLT (visible light transmittance), which means it only lets in 4.4 % of visible light, blocking 95% of light reaching the eye. The other lens in front of the non-dominant eye can be either clear or yellow (interchangeable lenses). It means the shooter can keep both eyes open and there will still be vision through the dark lens but the non-dominant eye, looking through the clear or yellow lens, should take over.

The Strike frame is made from lightweight but super strong TR90, has adjustable nose pads and non-slip arms. All lenses are made from optical grade polycarbonate with full impact protection and they are all UV400 rated.

The Kit comes with the dark grey Category 4 lens and optional clear and yellow lenses plus a soft carry pouch, cleaning cloth & hard case. A pair of Category 4 dark grey lenses is provided in the kit so that the user has the option of also wearing a pair of dark tinted sunglasses (useful when shooting directly into the sun). Kits are available for both left eye and right eye dominant shooters. Our new Strike EDK is just £29.95 including free UK delivery.

Free Cleaning Pack

Evolution Cleaning Spray and Cloth gift packSpend £15 or more on any anything on the website and we’ll send out a free cleaning pack worth £2.25. The pack comprises our 15ml pocket lens & screen cleaning spray & our high quality 20cm x 20cm synthetic chamois cleaning cloth. Used together they are incredibly effective at removing dust, water marks, fingerprints, smudges & dirt from sunglasses / eyewear, visors, shields, laptop/ tablet/mobile screens, camera lenses and more.

To claim your free cleaning pack just voucher code: FREEPACK when ordering. Offer ends 30.11.20.

Sunglass lens categories – what do they mean?

Following the last news post about polarised lenses, along a similar theme we thought it worthwhile explaining what the different sunglass lens categories mean. The category number equates to a percentage of the VLT (Visible Light Transmission) that is, how much light the lens lets through. The higher the VLT the lighter the lens, conversely the lower the VLT the darker the tint will be, blocking more light coming through to the eye, as follows:sunglass lens category table

  • Category 0: 80-100% VLT
  • Category 1: 43-80% VLT
  • Category 2: 18-43% VLT
  • Category 3: 8-18% VLT
  • Category 4: 3-8% VLT

The following is a general guide to the categories that apply to different lens colours. This has to be a general guide as the VLT can cover quite a wide a spectrum such as Category 1 which is 43-80%. Some lens colours are right on the “border” e.g. a yellow lens can have 78% VLT which is on the border between Category 0 and Category 1.

  • Category 0 – Clear, Light Yellow, Pale Orange
  • Category 1 – Yellow, Orange, Rose & Vermilion
  • Category 2 – Purple, Red, Amber & Light brown
  • Category 3 – ‘Standard’ Grey & Brown
  • Category 4 – Dark Grey & Dark Brown

Virtually all the grey and brown lens sunglasses we sell are Category 3 and suitable for use in strong sun conditions. See our range of leisure sunglasses.

Category 4 sunglasses are a specialist lens for intense sunlight/high glare conditions and they are clearly denoted in the product description. They also appeal to people that have very light-sensitive eyes (called photophobia). It’s important to note that a category 4 lens must not be used for driving as they are too dark and therefore potentially dangerous. It’s also worth pointing out that tint has nothing to do with blocking UVR. You can buy cheap sunglasses with a category 3 lens but without UV filters it can let in very harmful levels of UVR, damaging the eye. This is why good quality sunglasses have UV coatings applied to the lenses. Some lens materials do naturally block UV such as glass and polycarbonate.

Polarised Sunglasses – why polarised lenses are different

polarised sunglasses - roadOne of the questions we’re often asked is “what makes a polarised lens different?” Light waves from the sun travel in all directions but when they strike a surface like a road or water they begin vibrating in one direction, usually horizontally. This is called polarised light and it’s this harsh concentrated light – glare – that make it difficult to see and uncomfortable for your eyes. Polarised lenses are different to standard sunglass lenses; they have a special filter film either sandwiched between two other layers of the lens or applied to the front of a lens. The polarising filters used in polarised sunglasses absorb the horizontally-vibrating waves that reflect off a surface. That means that only vertically-vibrating waves get through the filter and reach your eye. This greatly reduces the intensity of reflective glare. Non-polarised sunglass lenses only reduce the amount of light entering the eye; they don’t block glare.

Glare not only makes it difficult and uncomfortable to see and can cause eye strain it also distorts the true colour of objects and makes them harder to distinguish. With polarised sunglasses you get glare-free vision, clear contrasts, more natural colours and reduced eye strain or fatigue. Glare also causes a mirror-effect on water. As a polarised lens will eliminate glare on the water it means you will be able to see down below the water surface which is why they are so popular with fishing enthusiasts.

It’s worth noting that whilst there are many benefits to wearing polarised sunglasses, virtually all polarised sunglasses under £50 (including all Evolution models) use a multi-layered lens material called TAC (Triacetate) with the front layer being the polarised film. A TAC lens is quite thin, usually no more than 1.2mm and does not provide impact protection, so for sports like shooting where impact protection is required, a TAC polarised lens is not recommended.

Shop our range of Polarised Sunglasses, with glare blocking lenses making them suitable for fishing, boating, sailing & watersports, skiing and driving.

And another brand new arrival!

Just arrived from our factory, another brand new model: Evolution Peniche has a matte black frame (with yellow detail) and two polarised lens options: grey & blue revo.

Evolution Peniche greyEvolution Peniche blue revo

Peniche is a Floating Frame design which means it will not sink in fresh or sea water. The full wrap fit frame has deep temples to keep out wind & glare. The robust but lightweight frame construction includes non-slip rubber nose pads. It comes with an adjustable (non-detachable) strap. Whilst primarily designed for watersports, Peniche can be used for a variety of other sports like off-road cycling, fishing, paragliding and skiing. It’s supplied with a soft carry pouch, cleaning cloth & hard case plus free polarised test card all for just £24.95!

Just in! Two brand new models.

We’ve just taken delivery (from our factory) of two brand new models:

Evolution Portofino is a stylish crossover sport-leisure style polarised sunglass available with grey lenses or smoke lenses with a blue revo mirror finish. It has an ultra-lightweight but super strong TR90 matte black frame. Supplied with cleaning cloth, soft carry pouch & hard case plus free polarised test card all for just £19.95 each.

Evolution Portofino Grey - polarised sunglassesEvolution Portofino Blue Revo - polarised sunglasses


Evolution Velo is a specialist cycling sunglass with a large lens with full wrap frame for total eye protection and to keep out wind & glare. It’s available with ether a grey lens or smoke lens with blue revo mirror. The frame is made from lightweight but super strong TR90 and lenses are Class 1 optical quality. All for the remarkable low price of just £16.95 each!


Evolution Velo Grey - cycling sunglassesEvolution Velo Revo - cycling sunglasses

Just in! Brand new Sportek prescription eyewear

We have just taken delivery from our factory of a totally new model called Evolution Sportek: stylish looking prescription eyewear with a detachable optical insert. It can be purchased as a single frame with grey lens or as 2, 3 & 4 lens interchangeable sets with the addition of yellow, orange and rose lenses. The TR90 nylon matte black frame is strong but lightweight and the large, one-piece lens provides total eye protection.

Evolution Sportek RX Montage

Sportek comes with an advanced ‘WP3’ lens coating acting as an invisible film giving these benefits:

– Oleophobic+Hydrophobic (repels rain, spray, water spots, grease, smudging and fingerprints)
– Easy lens cleaning (no-friction surface)
– Scratch resistance

Additional features include Class 1 optical quality lenses; 3 point adjustment on the arms (pivot up & down so the frame can sit higher or lower); UV400 rated, impact resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses (complying with EN166F) and malleable temple tips for comfort & extra grip. The wide optical insert minimises any interference with peripheral vision. Supplied with detachable optical insert, soft carry pouch, cleaning cloth and hard case. Prices start at just £44.95. Click here to see it.